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02   /   05   /   2017

Enrique Pacheco is a freelance photographer and filmmaker who is mostly known for his time-lapse shooting technique highlighted in his shortfilms. His work has already been licensed through major companies like Sony.

Discussing the concept for the 'Atlantis' score, Enrique told me from the beginning that he wanted to record live musicians for the score. The music was supposed to melt together with the picture and convey the energy of his footage (which looks very impressive). Everything was shot in the mountains during a long hiking trip, so the main focus was to combine the feeling of loneliness and grandeur of the landscape.

Following this approach, we both ended up meeting in Enrique's home studio in Madrid (which, additionally to editing film, is equipped to producing music) and working on the structure of the score and the edit of the film side by side. To me personally this kind of workflow is the most exciting and creative one, because this way you as the composer have direct influence to the timing and content of the film. Thus, the result of your collaboration will lead to a close synergy between the music and the picture, which is hard to achieve otherwise.

For the strings we recorded a cellist and a violinist. Layering everything together we ended up with a setting like a string quartet, but with two violins and two cellos for a heavier and darker sound. Everything was recorded in a small wooden studio room with a Neumann U87 microphone.

Dedicated to this project Enrique wrote a blogpost on his webpage about why every filmmaker should consider hiring a composer.

For any questions about the production process, feel free to leave me a message through the contact bar below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

- 'I think the main reason that every filmmaker who appreciates his film, whether it be a short, a timelapse or a feature film, must hire a composer, is because only the close collaboration between director and composer will create the perfect synergy between images and music.' -  Enrique Pacheco